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About Us


Our Products

We offer a range of craft products Designed and Manufactured under our main brand name of 

Be-Smart Solutions Ltd.

The emphasis being on "recycling" all the products stem from general waste and are brought to life by a means of utilising our design skills whilst bringing an element of decoration, art, aesthetics' and functionality to what would generally be waste product and is just our way of doing our bit for the planet. 

More than Just a Store

Each product is unique and  individually personalised to your requirements and taste.

Whether its a gift for a special occasion such as a Birthday, Wedding Day or Anniversary, a Christmas gift or Halloween decoration let us know and we will add that personal touch !


Our Creative Team

We are designers/engineers with over 30yrs experience in various product design and manufacturing sectors!

We feel that we can use our skills and design expertise gained over the years in changing the mind set on what we need and how we can recycle & upcycle to make new products ?